Nik Regnart was born in Port Elizabeth in 1984.

His obsession with all forms of art began at age 7, when he was given a Batman comic after seeing a collection of comic books at a local hobby fare in 1992 . The illustrations and stories by legendary illustrators and writers such as Todd McFarlane, Bob Kane and Jack Kirby fuelled his love of illustration as well as photography.

After a rather uneventful school career, he worked various jobs while deciding on where the future should take him.

In 2009 he applied to study art at NMMU, undecided as to pursue a major in illustration or photography, as they were both of considerable value and interest in his life. A few weeks after being accepted at NMMU for their Introductory Art classes, he began assisting fellow photographer Kevin Meiring, and his mind was set.

He began his studies in 2010, and has since then he has completed his National Diploma in photography at NMMU in 2013.

During this time he was able to partake in various exhibitions, including

Richmond Hill Music Festival Photography Exhibition 2013
NMMU Graduate Exhibition 2013
Richmond Hill Music Festival Exhibition 2012
NMMU Landscape Exhibition 2012
NMMU Landscape Exhibition 2011

His main areas of interest are Beauty, Fashion and Portrait photography.