My work as a photographer is more than simply clicking some buttons on a camera and creating some magic in Photoshop…
It’s so much more than an art form.
For me it is a way of life. An ever important journey I share with each and every person I photograph.

I capture important moments, and create memories forever frozen in time.

I help people discover their inner beauty, in such a way that it reflects outwardly.

I have made people laugh & smile, and helped build up or rebuild the self image of others where it has been torn down.

I have shown that beauty is more a state of mind than a physical appearance.

I have created moments of intimacy and passion, captured moments filled with love and joy, and seen people tear up when realising how beautiful they really are.

I have seen and done all this, and so much more.
My way of life, my passion. With a goal of sharing this passion with as many as I can, creating more memories, and capturing amazing images.

I live, love and breathe it, because I AM a photographer”

Nik Regnart - 2016